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AngryWolf quits Unreal Module development

On his website AngryWolf announced he will stop development of modules for the popular UnrealIRCD server package. “I’ve been so busy for more than one month that I couldn’t do any updates on the site and on my modules since then”, AngryWolf explains. “I just can’t do these anymore. They mean too much work for me, even because I’m having university.”

One of the Unreal developers Codemastr said in a reaction: “He did a lot of good for Unreal. He was the first one, outside of the Unreal developers, to write modules. I think it was because of him that so many people are now writing modules. I know of many people who don’t even look at the module documentation when they want to write a module, instead they just look at Angrywolf’s existing ones and base it on them.”

The reason for AngryWolf to start module development was “to bring out more of a Hungarian IRC network than UnrealIRCd had offered me that time.” At first he modified the IRCD code, but later changed to using modules as that gave him more possibilities to add new features. “Then, since I noticed that what I code might be useful to others, I shared them with the public.”

Some of the modules he is most proud of himself includes the module that lists available ircoperators with the /ircops command, and jointhrottle which was also considered to be included into the IRCD by one of the developers, Syzop. “Of course, m_chgshois, which you can use to change anyone’s SWHOIS information, also proved to be helpful, but only on those networks not having Anope IRC Services, because it has an extra module for that purpose.”

One of the more controversial modules AngryWolf coded was the m_spy module, of which we posted an article with a interview with him on January 8th of this year. “I can still hear/see opinions like ‘you shouldn’t have coded it’. I was thinking for a long time that even thought people say such things about the module, it could do more good than harm, but I had to be disappointed. Now I admit it was a very bad idea even to bring that module into existence.” AngryWolf as a result removed the possibility to download the module from his website and you have to privately contact him to get the module after that.

There are no current plans to continue development of existing modules made by AngryWolf, and no plans exist for development to be taken over by another person. “Of course I allow anyone to use, improve and update my codes, what I only require is my name represented in their works to indicate, I did something, too”, AngryWolf explained.

“Sorry a lot, and thanks to everyone for helping and supporting me. This page will be closed soon”, the announcement on AngryWolf’s website ends.

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  • BLKoldSUN says:

    It’s sad to hear this, but we have to understand him :) In my personal opinion, everyone takes his own decision in life to do what is good for them, so we cant blame him.
    I recently started to learn to code unreal modules and i will try my best to make something good from this.

    December 4, 2012 at 2:22 pm

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