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Bahamut support website cracked

“This website is temporary down because the idiot admin (i.e. me) didn’t update phpBB to a non exploitable version” webmaster Doc stated on the website. is a website with got started to help users with this popular IRCd, and to relieve the support channel #bahamut on DALnet from FAQ’s.

The website is based on the popular phpBB forum software, which recently saw an important update due to a serious exploit. Webmaster Doc stated in a  reaction to IRC-Junkie: “I had been warned about it soon after it came out by several people, however I’ve recently just got a job and a new girlfriend, so I’ve had very little time for the internet :. I guess this has taught me a lesson.”

PhpBB developer psoTFX had this to say on the phpBB forum about users who still have not updated: “This is a reminder to all users to upgrade as soon as possible to 2.0.11. Remember, the issue leading to this release was extremely serious. It gave rise to the possibility for persons to “install” scripts, delete files and otherwise access your system.”

The exploit used on had overwritten all .php and .htm files. “Thankfully nothing was lost”, Doc explained. “As with all websites on my server the database is backed up once a day and kept for five days, as are web files. I have chosen not to just simply restore the phpbb scripts as they would be exploitable.”

The website is back online. Thanks to DesertFox for bringing this to my attention!

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