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IRC in the News: DDoS'er sentenced

The article “Canadian teen sentenced in Randex virus case” on reports about a 16-year-old Mississauga, Ont. who pleaded guilty ‘of mischief against data and fraudulent use of a computer.

In the same case, a 16-year-old from Scotland was sentenced to jail for 6 months. He created Randex, a virus which have infected machines connect to an IRC server so its dronerunner can issue commands like initiate DDoS attacks.

The article ends with the next paragraph: “Although the conviction ends the RCMP and Scotland Yard’s Randex investigation, Lonnee said an American fugitive used the virus to commit DDoS attacks in the United States. The FBI is currently pursuing the fugitive, who is believed to be somewhere in Morocco, he said.”

Which brings up something we reported on in the past, which can be found here…

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