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GameSurge tests new IPv6 code in ircu

“Our development committee is currently testing our new IPv6 IRC server located at If you have an IPv6 connection you might want to download this patch for Mirc that will allow you to connect to GameSurge via the IPv6 protocol”, the GameSurge website reports.

IPv6 support is one of the new features of ircu2.10.12, the IRC deamon which is also in use on the Undernet network.

We asked Entrope, coordinator of the ircu2.10.12 development, how the test was going so far. “We found a moderate number of problems very early in the test, but that is typical for rolling out so much new code.  In the past two weeks, we have seen only one minor problem.  It is specific to a GameSurge patch, and should be fixed by the current version of that patch.”

The users have been excited over the support for IPv6 “Between IPsec and other new features of IPv6, we think the benefits of IRC over IPv6 outweigh the possible problems”, Entrope explains.

In the IRC community there have been some concerns about the big ammount of IP addresses users have the access to with IPv6. Entrope about this issue: “The clone checking code in ircu should prevent that; the new code works on larger blocks than single IPs.  There are a few cases that it does not currently address, since those require information about end-user netblock sizes, but those should be rare and can be handled as they arise.”

GameSurge is planning to setup a second server testing this IPv6 code, and naturally, when ircu2.10.12 is being released it will be rolled out to all GameSurge servers. Also Undernet has plans to test the new ircu with the IPv6 code.

The new ircu also contains some other interesting changes. The format of the configuration file will be simplified and is based on ircd-hybrid’s one, as is the DNS resolver, new channel modes that will automatically op a user who joins with a specific key, aliases for /X and /chanserv type of commands, and

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