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QuakeNet's Support Channel introduces Ticketing system

“We are currently trialling a new system for user support in #feds”, meeb announced on the QuakeNet website.

During the test period, users requiring assistance will need to join #help, and explain their problem there. The #help staff will then supply a ticket for #feds, if an oper is required to solve the problem. During this testing period, #feds will be an invite only channel. With that ticket you can invite yourself during a 2 day time period into #feds.

We asked Magpie how the invitation works, and if nick changes or disconnects will affect your invitation period. “Tickets are associated with a Q account, so if you reconnect all you need do is reauth to Q and you will be able to use your ticket (provided it has not expired) to invite yourself into #feds.”

One of the first reasons you might think off to introduce such a system might be to protect #feds against join floods. “Flood attacks were not really a problem before, due to channel modes that allow only authed (with Q) users to join, although they are essentially impossible now”, Magpie replies. “… it removes a lot of the load from #feds, allowing the IRC operators present to focus their time on users really needing help. The ticketing system allows users to be vetted before being given a ticket, to ensure that time that could be spent helping legitimate users is not wasted.”

Although a few bugs had to be ironed out already, Magpie is pretty confident this system will see improvements for both users and help staff. “The fact operators will have more time to concentrate on users with real problems should mean #feds staff, and especially users, will be very satisfied with the new system. Should the trial prove successful – and I imagine it will – the system will become permanent” Magpie concludes.

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