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DDoS'er of IRC network arrested

Tom Bral, 20 year-old from Oudenaarde in Belgium has been arrested in suspicion of DDoS’ing the Kreynet IRC network.

Kreynet is the base some commercial TV stations use in Belgium to host their chats. Bral, who is using the nick Inco on IRC, had an application going for a server link on Kreynet.

Bral used to have a server linked to the AfterNet network as well.

“He used to say how he was very very dedicated to Afternet… but then we had some attacks on a testlink that some of us thought was just a little too good for INCO who was not well liked” AfterNet coordinator Rubin told IRC-Junkie in a reaction. “He was a pretty incompetent admin/oper … always abusing the mailing list with drama and off topic posts.  Its scary to think he had access to our hidden hubs IP’s.”

Although AfterNet never found any hard proof for DDoS from Bral, eventually his position was unmaintainable and his server and O:line got removed from the network.

In a reaction to AfterNet a Kreynet official spoke of two attacks, one of 1,5 hours and the other 3 hours, with 600MB of traffic during the DDoS attack. Kreynet will also have to pay the excessive traffic to its provider.

In an online Belgian newspaper Bral also has been named as a possible member of a worldwide network of people who attacked Microsoft.

The lawyer of Bral titled the actions of his client as ‘mischief’ and only being investigated as his client is also named as a possible attacker of Microsoft.

We also tried to contact a Kreynet official, but have had no response.

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