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Google's Desktop Search Tool Includes mIRC Plugin

Google released its Desktop Search Utility which was previously only available as a beta as full version now.

Running from the desktop it can perform searches over the Net, but also includes searches over the users’ own system. It will perform a quiet index of the users’ system and display matches above those found on the Net.

Possibilities include searching through your own email and viewed pages from Netscape, Mozilla, Thunderbird and Firefox. Google hired Ben Goodger for this task, who is a developer of FireFox. Other possibilities include searching through meta data in avi’s, image formats, etc.

The program also includes the possibility to extend the functionality with the use of plugins. One of such is Larry’s mIRC Indexer. From the page’s description: ” Use Google Desktop Search to search through your mIRC two-person private messages (PMs). mIRC is one of the most popular IRC applications on Windows.” The plugin’s source is also available.

One of the concerns users have expressed against the tool is that Google could effectively use the tool to spy on the systems of users, or display contextual ads. Google has so far denied planning such ‘functionality’.

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