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DALnet AKILL's FDCservers Colocation Center

Recently, DALnet decided to AKILL all customers from FDCservers, a co-location company quite a few shell providers have their server located at.

Ahnberg, admin at DALnet, explained to IRC-Junkie in a reaction; “I’ve heard that the abuse from them over the years has been extremely large, and that the staff working with this and the chaos their users and subcompanies (shellproviders renting rackspace, I guess) cause to our network. It is a very bothersome and time-straining thing to have to handle for our colleagues.”

Psyxakias, admin of the SharkTECH shellcompany explains; “We helped by managing DALnet abuses (in the last 2 months) in order to provide even better connectivity to all FDC/Shark clients by connecting to DALnet IX network. Although we managed all abuse reports (even the ones without logs), DALnet proceeded to the AKILL (which now say it was planned in the last 6 months) and now declines to talk to anyone further than FDCservers.”

DALnet stopped this cooperation because of the way logs were treated by the shell companies. DALnet’s Jim explains on a FDCservers’ forum; “It is an accepted rule of abuse handling that upstream providers (in this case SharkTech) DO NOT pass on, verbatim, abuse reports to thier clients. This is accepted practice across the internet and serves to protect both those making the complaint and the upstream provider.”

At this point no contact has been made between DALnet and FDCservers in order to resolve this issue, with the thread on FDCservers’ site quite lively on the subject.

edit: Psyxakias contacted me and pointed me out to an error I made in the article, SharkTECH is not a shellcompany: “We provide dedicated servers (not even virtual servers) & managed hosting”, Psyxakias explained. Excuses for the inconvenience.

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