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IRCSpy Releases AutoXDCC

IRCSpy, a website build around a searchengine that indexes downloads being offered on IRC, released AutoXDCC today.

“This new program has been in the works for the last few months by the staff here at IRCSpy. AutoXDCC makes downloading via XDCC using IRCSpy as easy as one click. There is no need to copy and paste troublesome commands into your IRC Client”, author Xanthus announced on the IRCSpy website.

Once you have completed a search on the website, and want to download one of the results, clicking a special icon will add the download in the AutoXDCC program.

“AutoXDCC allows for multiple downloads on various networks at the same time. The program associates to a special .xdcc file extension which will be made available for download on our search engine.”

More information and the download link can be found here.

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