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QuakeNet permanently GLines T-dialin

“Due to continued abuse, t-dialin will be permanently glined at 22:00 GMT today” we can read today on the QuakeNet website.

We asked Magpie, admin on QuakeNet, what type of abuse forced QuakeNet to Gline this large German ISP. “The majority of the abuse tends to be impersonating services in an attempt to steal users’ Q account passwords, and thus take over their channels. The abuse is not limited to this, however, and also includes mass spamming, spreading of Trojans and so on.”

Naturally, QuakeNet did tried to contact the ISP in question in order to try and resolve abusive issues, but the ISP lacked cooperation in handling the abuse reports. “There have been numerous emails sent in the past, to no avail. However, I believe a staff member did manage to corner a T-dialin employee at CeBIT this year, so we’ll have to wait and see whether or not this helps matters”, Magpie explains.

Finally, Magpie explains that if ISPs would assign users unique IPs, it would be much easier to handle abusers.  “This sort of thing causes us no end of problems as an IRC network, with users of particular ISPs able to simply rejoin with a new IP within seconds. I’m sure you’ll agree that having to ban large swathes of users in order to take out one abuser is a far from ideal solution.”

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