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InspIRCD Wiki Page Defaced

“During the day today, several wiki pages were defaced, We found a lot of ‘Increase your testosterone’ links, and someone spamming ShadowIRCd” the InspireIRCd Wiki section announced.

Rather than an exploit which have been abused, the defacement was able to take place to the way the Wiki was configured. Brain, of the InspireIRCd project, explains; “we would edit pages (as sysops) then lock the pages when we were done. This meant that any pages which were currently blank and not in use were writeable by anyone, as ‘scratchpad’ space. The idea of this was to let third party module developers write help pages for their modules, then once they were happy with their pages, we would lock them and link them into the docs.”

There was not a single defacement. The first defacement was done by an automated way and was spamming a testosterone product. The second defacement was done by a person who spammed the ShadowIRCd project.

“We discussed the defacing in length with the people involved with this other ircd and using the ip address tracked the defacing down to a third party who was intent on giving both projects a bad name”, Brain explained to IRC-Junkie in a reaction.

“Our wiki pages now require signup to be edited”, Brain concludes.

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