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Troublemaker Forces GameSurge to GLine ISP

“Due to problems with a recurring trouble maker and no response from Sprint’s abuse department, so far, which we have attempted to contact for the past three weeks, we have been forced to block this range from our our network”, the GameSurge website announced.

Cradly from the GameSurge team explained to IRC-Junkie that the gline was eventually set “due to a user who  would use dynamic ip addresses to evade g-lines.  Because we didn’t  receive a response from Sprint to our initial abuse complaints, we decided on the ban.”

The user made it a game to evade the ban, both on IRC and on GameSurge’s forum.

Once the ISP was glined, other customers complained at the ISP for not being able to connect to the network, which got the abuse department of Sprint to act and resolve the issue with the user in question.

“After verifying our complaints about the user, Sprint assigned the  user a static ip address which allowed us to enforce a g-line for  only that user” Cradly explained.

“Ultimately I think  it was an exercise that proved once you find real people in a company  like Sprint, they’ll go out of their way to help with abuse issues.”

It is not the first time a large IRC network had to decide to gline a whole ISP becuase of the abuse of a few, or a single user. Undernet had to resort to banning whole of Turkey on its forum due to the abuse of a single user last year. Also Undernet had to gline the large Canadian ISP Videotron due to continuous abuse.

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