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GameSurge Shows a Different Face

“Many of you have given us great feedback over the previous weeks and months and we have listened”, GameSurge admin Andrew starts on the network’s website. “We deliver to you today some large changes to the network that will change the face of it as we currently know it. We have listened. We have eliminated a large amount of the bureaucracy in the support and channel registration area of the network. We hope you like the changes!”

The biggest change is that the network will not restrict its channel registration process to gaming channels only. Any channel can now register, like a friends group, technical support, opensource projects, etc. Also there is no longer the requirement of a website for the channel.

IRC-Junkie asked Andrew if he is not afraid that GameSurge will loose its face as a prime gaming network. “This was a consideration that was thought long and hard about but we came to the conclusion that it is still fully possible to have primary focus on gaming (which we, as a network and mission, will still have) and diversify as well.”

“Gamers do many more things than just play games in their clan and team channels – the diversification represents that statement.”

GameSurge have had a hard period with the DDoS attacks towards the network. During this period however, the network’s team got a lot into contact with its users and however the idea to widen the rules took form years before, it was during this period that it began to take solid forms. “It was primarily the large amount of suggestive feedback we received that consolidated the decision to do this now rather than later”, Andrew explains.

The restriction of only allowing gaming channels was also because of restrictive historic reasons. Andrew explains: “Many of the rules we had in the old policy were based on very out-dated technical issues with services we stopped using years ago (the ones directly before we moved to srvx.) Basically, back then, there were issues in the number of channels that the old services could handle and the rules had to be formulated around that problem otherwise the network, at the time, would have simply imploded.”

More information regarding the registration process can be found here.

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