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GameSurge Introduces 'Free Custom Title' Service

Cradly announced the beta of a new service on GameSurge’s website named ‘Free Custom Title’ service.

A Custom Title is something different then a vHost or entirely ‘faked’ hostmask as Cradly explained to IRC-Junkie in a reaction:

“GameSurge has offered +x host hiding for some time, in the format  <account>.user.gamesurge.   What we call the title is the center word  “user.”  GameSurge is now allowing our users to change their title  based upon a list of options, once every 30 days.”

“This is not to be confused with what we call “fakehosts” which are  complete fake replacements of the entire hostname and are also  implemented using +x.  Currently, new fakehosts are not available to  our users, though we anticipate offering that service once again in  the near future.”

The Custom Titles were a paid service in the past, but have now been turned into a free service. And no plans exist to turn it into a paid service again in the future.

“We free custom titles as a value-added service for our userbase and are promoting it.  We’ve had about 4,000 users change their title since opening it up at no charge last week.  The two most popular titles as being <user>.bot.gamesurge and <user>.will-frag-for- food.gamesurge”, Cradly ends.

A list of titles can be found here.

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