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DALnet Disbands Testnet Team

“We’ve just disbanded the DALnet testnet team and integrated all of the application evaluation functions into the routing team as they were before. This is a step to streamline the application process and adapt to current needs and change in workload” DALnet’s Ahnberg announced yesterday on the DALnet mailinglist.

The Testnet Team has been testing new server applications and handled questions asked by applicants. It was formed to handle the large amount of applications coming in. “… a lot of server applications was in movement and we felt we needed to give more attention to them all. It was also a time when we got a huge bunch of less serious applicants that would require in depth analysis of approvals of ISPs, checkup on the admins background, etc. This all took time and we felt it was most appropriate to have a separate team to handle most of the application steps,” Ahnberg told to IRC-Junkie in a reaction.

As the network is turning back into quieter waters, the situation is rolled back to the former state. In the end, many of the same people will however be involved in the application process, as Ahnberg explains: “Many of the testnet members are already routing members, so we would not lose valuable experience.”

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