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DDoS'er Pleaded Guilty

Richard “Krashed” Roby, 20 years old from Ohio pleaded guilty in federal court in Toledo to DDoS’ing online competitors of Jay Echouafni.

Jay Echouafni, a 38-year-old satellite TV salesman ordered Richard “Krashed” Roby to DDoS his competitors online. One of the other people who has been ordered to attack his competitors is Paul Ashley, who was in those days running the on IRC well known IRC shell company FOOnet. Echouafni offered Ashley 1000$ for the attacks.

Roby pleaded guilty in a deal with the prosecutors. Without the deal, he could have to serve jail for up to 2 years. Paul Ashley entered a similar deal, but has not pleaded guilty yet. Without the deal Ashley will have to face 70 to 87 months in jail.

Ashley admitted as part of the deal that he knew clients of his shell company were using their shells on FOOnet to control botnets.

Roby was offered a free shell on FOOnet in return of the DDoS attacks.

As we reported in November 2004, Jay Echouafni is still a fugitive, and it is believed he is still hiding in his country of origin, Morocco.

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