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IRC Channel Driving Force Behind Revolutionary Software

Napster and WinAmp are just two programs that are well known with the type of people that regurarly read IRC-Junkie, that is a known fact. What is lesser known is, that both project benefited greatly from an IRC channel on EFNet that functions as a gathering place for “professional software developers, talented college and highschool students, novice programmers seeking help and the usual charlatans and rogues that add character to the colourful world that is the Internet”, as the channels’ website explains.

An article about the channel, #Winprog, appeared today on Wired. “The IRC channel has played virtual incubator to a gamut of fledgling developers for more than a decade”, the article explains.

Beside being a point of help to programmers, the channel also functions as a meeting point of companies seeking talented programmers.

On a personal note: I love it when this face of IRC is being shown in the media as well from time to time!

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