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“I’d just like to let you know that is back online again,” admin Magic told me yesterday in a privmsg.

Magic was finally able to retrieve the files from the original server. “We have made backups of the entire script/file archive, all web files and the entire mysql database, compressed the site+file archive was over 750Mb and the database was 26Mb,” Magic said to IRC-Junkie.

The entire website is back online as it was when it went down. Only one exception: the project updates are disabled for now.  “We have disabled the project updates so no new files can be uploaded or updated until we have moved the entire site to a new server,” Magic explains. “The reason why we decided to disable the project updating was because we do not intend to make yet another backup of the archive and all files until we have moved to the new location. We will only make backups of the mysql database until we have moved to our new home.” Decisions about a new location are expected within a week as Magic is considering offers made by companies wanting to host the website.

To prevent this from happening again, additional to the daily backups of the MySQL database which already took place, offsite backups will take place more frequently now.

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