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Person Spreading Trojans Over IRC Arrested

Lately a wave of arrests have been made regarding people using DDoS, and today a press release has been made regarding the arrest of 30 year-old Richard C. Honour, nicknamed Fyle/Anatoly from Seattle.

Honour is believed to have coded and then spread trojans over IRC. Infected PCs were supplying Honour with information such as online banking and other identity and privacy sensitive data.

“This name is not just familiar with DarkMyst, but throughout the IRC community” said Ryan, admin on DarkMyst in a reaction to IRC-Junkie. “Honours’ activities affected many IRC networks, many of which were involved in the operation and provided information that led to his arrest.”

“Computer viruses have the potential to cause an incredible amount of damage to the nation’s economy,”] said United States Attorney Catherine L. Hanaway who is handling this case. “This office will pursue these cases aggressively.”

If found guilty, Honour can receive a maximum of 10 years in prison and a possible fine of $250,000 USD.

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