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DDoS'er Convicted to 5 Years Jail

Jeanson James Ancheta, 20, of Downey, California, of which we reported about his arrest here, and him pleading guilty here, has heard his sentence from United States District Judge R. Gary Klausner in Los Angeles.

Judge Klausner, who characterized Ancheta’s crimes as “extensive, serious and sophisticated,” has sentenced him to 57 months in jail. After he completes his jail time, he will serve three years of supervised release. In this time his access to computers and the Internet will be limited. He will also have to pay 15000$ USD damages to the Weapons Division of the United States Naval Air Warfare Center in China Lake and the Defense Information Systems Agency, and all his profits from the activities including a BMW have been forfeited.

Judge Klausner concluded the sentence with saying to Ancheta that “… your worst enemy is your own intellectual arrogance that somehow the world cannot touch you on this.”

Ancheta hired out his botnet to people who used it for example to perform DDoS attacks. He also made approximately 60000$ USD by having the compromised machines installing adware. He also caused damage in several Ministry of Defense computers.

The sentence Ancheta received has been the longest sentence ever for distributing computer viruses.

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