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The Ultimate IRC Lovestory

Image the ultimate Otaku, geeky looking, the worst glasses you can imagine and hiding in books and behind the screen most of your day.

One day this character find himself in a commuter train together with a pretty girl and the ultimate bad guy that is harassing the girl.

He saves her! And naturally, falls in love with her on the spot …

A few days later he receives a package form the girl, it contains a note and a set of Hermes teacups.

Having no idea how to handle the situation, the guy jumps on IRC using the nick Train_Man and asks his online friends for help. Interested about his sudden interest in a girl, his IRC pals supply him with the info he needs for his first date …

The guys undergoes a complete makeover, having no idea what this story will grow out to be later on.

This true story has since been released as a book, and has recently turned into an anime by VIZ Media, and will be released theatrically in New York in September 2006.

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