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Bali Bomber used IRC to Promote Terrorism

Indonesian police arrested two Indonesian men, Agung Setyadi (31) and M. Agung Prabowo (24), after they learned they have been chatting on IRC with Imam Samudra who is awaiting execution for organizing the Bali terrorist attack.

How Imam Samudra has exactly been able to connect to the Internet is not made public, but it in the Indonesian press it is thought that a laptop and GSM phone have been smuggled into the prison. Such items are disallowed possessions for prisoners however, and it is also unclear how the guards have not noticed these items afterwards.

Agung Setyadi is the brother of Adhitya Triyoga, who has previously been arrested for terrorist activity. Agung Setyadi has been lecturing computer science and information technology at an Indonesian university. Police said that Imam Samudra asked Agung Setyadi to buy a laptop with stolen credit card information (commonly called carding) which he refused. Eventually Agung Setyadi sent money to Adhitya Triyoga which he used to buy the laptop. A prison guard has been used to deliver the laptop.

The two met on IRC channels #cafeislam or #ahlulsunnah. The other man arrested has been helping Agung Setyadi to build a website called This site provided information on how to prepare a terrorist attack.

It is unknown what the effects of this will be. Was Imam Samudra able to recruit new members? Did he maintained his old network? Parliament members have pressed for an independent investigation but it looks the government is not willing to start one.

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