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Winbot Goes Opensource

“Up until a few years ago, I maintained the project which you can find on this site: Winbot – A windows IRC bot. In 2005, the Winbot project dropped off the face of the earth due to the fact I no longer had time to maintain it, and was no longer using windows as my operating system. I have promised for quite a while now that I would release Winbot as open source, so here it is” Winbot developer Craig Edwards announced on the Winbot website.

Craig explained to IRC-Junkie why he stopped developing the project himself: “I had worked on the project practically by myself for almost five years, and i felt it had reached a point where it had all the features i wanted to add to it.” Added to this, he stopped using Windows as his OS for some time ago as well, making it hard to maintain development for it.

Other then maintaining the website for it (Craig plans to bring back a forum for example), he will pull himself back from development completely. “I will probably also provide help to people who want to make use of the code, such as explaining how parts of it work and why i made decisions to write certain parts of it as i did.”

The website moved to a new address, the old domain is not yet pointing to the new location, but should be at some point in the near future.

IRC-Junkie reviewed version 2.2 of Winbot back in September 2002.

“If someone learns new things from what i spent five years doing, then that would be great :)

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