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Three Years Jail for DDoSer

Christopher Maxwell, 21, of Vacaville, California, has been sentenced to jail for three years. IRC-Junkie reported about him being charged in february of this year.

Aside of the hospital other networks that were affected included the department of defense and a California school district.

He would rent out his network to perform DDoS attacks, and the infected machines earned him money with showing advertisements.

The judge showed little sympathy for Maxwell, calling him “incredible self-centered” with little regard for the impact of his actions on others. She also wanted Maxwell to be set as “deterrence for all those youth out there who are squirreled away in their basements hacking”.

Defense attorney Steve Bauer hoped for probation and community service. In his defense he argued that Maxwell had no prior criminal record and that he never had thought his bot would spread so far.

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