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Mac's are Controlling Windows Systems

“What huh? Another platform evangelist?”, I can hear you ask. No, don’t worry, although, with the lack of realism some computers owners you might have to worry.

Mac OSX users long thought they were immune to attacks targeting their systems. This year however has seen quiet a few attacks towards OSX systems that opened the eyes of many ‘into’ OSX. In November Apple patched 31 vulnerabilities including a 0-day exploit.

Since then, more vulnerabilities have been found, including malware trying to exploit these.

For these Mac OSX users there is still something positive to be found in systems recently found infected and abused by such malware however. The systems in question were being used to host an IRC server which in turn was being used to control other infected machines, yes you guessed it already, which are computers using Windows as the OS.

Source: ZDNet

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