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GameSurge/Panda Software Giveaway

“To further the goal of encouraging good security habits, GameSurge has teamed up with Panda Software to host the GameSurge/Panda Software Security Giveaway”, the GameSurge website announced.

Alacard2k (IRC Operator and Support Operator) explained to IRC-Junkie that originally it was Panda Software that contacted the network for advertising possibilities on their website. “As a general rule we don’t place advertisements on our website, so I spoke to them about some alternatives. Eventually we settled on an idea that would be beneficial to everyone, a giveaway.”

The benefit for the network was in finding a new possibility to promote the use of security software amongst its users. “Security has always been a high priority for the network. Most of the security measures we implement are behind the scenes though. Our users don’t get to see them that often.” “Recently we’ve tried to make our users more aware of security threats”, Alacard2k continues. “Generating user awareness is one of the main reasons we partnered with Panda Software to hold this giveaway. We want users to be aware of threats to them, such as viruses people spread on the network. Too often people will simply click on any link they see on IRC and some of them turn out to be malicious.”

To enter the giveaway you need to be a registered GameSurge user. More information about the contest can be found here.

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