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Fyle/Anatoly Admits Guilt

Bringing criminals to justice takes time, a lot of time. Back in October 2004 we reported about the arrest of Fyle/Anatoly, who was causing havoc on the Darkmyst network, as well as many others.

Fyle/Anatoly, named Richard C. Honour of Kenmore, Washington and 30-years-old, was arrested in suspicion of writing viruses which were being spread by trying to trick IRC users in using malicious links. A total of 21 networks had to deal with it and prevent innocent users from being infected.

The goal of the virus was to collect personal information in order to abuse for financial gain.

Honour has pleaded guilty for the count of spreading viruses.

He will hear his sentence in May, and if convicted can get up to 5 years of jail and a $250,000 fine.

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