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AustNet Admins Split Off To Form AustIRC

Recently a group of AustNet admins split of from the network to form a new network named AustIRC. IRC-Junkie finds out the reasons these admins decided to split of.

“You may of have recently heard that is shutting down, we can confirm that this is not true.  Unfortunately, various members of our admin team decided that they wanted to seperate from the network and fork off to start their own network”, AustNet admin Ryan announced on the AustNet website. “… we do not approve of was the way in which this was done, and their trickery through FUD to get users to move to their new network.  Therefore, the word on the street that you may of have heard that we were shutting down was simply false.”

IRC-Junkie got into contact with Chris, one of the admins that split of. “Everyone has their side of the story, but I submit that there was _nothing_ going on in terms of trickery.  They obviously have motivation to twist the truth — as the truth makes them look awful bad”, he explained to IRC-Junkie.

Chris explains the network’s development have been nihil over a period of three years, which showed in the decline of its users, from 10,000 simultaneous connections 4-5 years ago to about 3000 these days.

“The domain owner, ryan mills, absented himself for over 6 months without response.  The last time he signed on, however, he mentioned something about revamping the ircd.  So I began to develop an ircd based off of bahamut, ratbox, and a few others.  I imported austnet features.  All told, it probably took me well over 200 hours.  It was intended for the austnet network.  A vote was called to upgrade.  We also asked the services coder, who had been absent for over 3 years, to make some changes to support it.  That did not occur.”

As often happens in IRC networks, irritations grow, and votes are being held to remove admins and implement new services and code.

After the votes were being held and found positive, Chris got online the next day “to find that the servers I administered with another guy had had noopers placed on them (killing the opers when they /oper), and dns entries had been removed to our servers from the pool.  There was no vote authorizing the action.”

The admins affected then decided to move on and form a new network. “We kept the name for 12 hours or so, thinking that maybe someone would straighten kevin out and we could potentially relink.  That did not happen, and there was a decision made to create a new network.” And thus, AustIRC was born.

IRC-Junkie did try to contact Ryan from AustNet for a reply, but have been unable too.

Thanks to Keith for the tip.

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