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Couple Arrested for Seeking Sex with Underage Girl

A couple from Portland, U.S.A., traveled to Woodland, Washington, to trade marijuana for sex with a 5-year-old girl, but instead ended up being arrested.

Christopher Dudley, 26, and Rhea Hamm, 22, chatted in an IRC channel of a top10 SearchIRC listed network with the father of the girl, who in reality was an undercover police officer.

After a series of chats Dudley agreed with the ‘father’ to have oral sex with the girl and to make photos. Also his wife would take part in the abuse. In a chat Dudley told the ‘father’ he told Hamm before the marriage of his “fetish”, “but she said she loved me and didn’t care what I was into.”

In telephone contacts following the chats Dudley said the couple wanted to get a daughter to life the “lifestyle”, as they call it.

“This case shows the extraordinary lengths some adults will go to sexually exploit innocent children,” said Mike McCool, working as deputy special agent at the Seattle office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Court documents show that Dudley sees himself as a “decent” person with a “weird” fetish. The maximum sentence for crossing a state border in order to have sex with an under 12 is life in prison.

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