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Syzop resigns his position on the UnrealIRCd project

Today, In an unexpected announcement on their homepage and an email to all the official testers, Syzop has officially resigned his position as Head Coder and maintainer of Unreal 3.2*. “Having severe wrist issues (RSI) has forced me to have surgery, but the doctors don’t know if that will help” says Syzop, now former coder of UnrealIRCd project.

“I’m not sure if I’ll ever (be able to) get back, and if so, in what kind of shape or form (I certainly would love to get back)” explains Syzop. With Unreals’ recent “call for help”, I think a lot of people have been anticipating this would happen, but I don’t think any body knew it would be this fast.

However, Syzop wants to be sure to thank all the help he’s received and asks that if you are still interested in the UnrealIRCd project, to step forward.

As for Unreal3.2* & Unreal3.3*, Stskeeps will be the maintainer and do all of the administrative tasks. “I’ll still be selling my paid modules, but nothing else relating to the project for now” explains Syzop. For some, this may end up being a good thing, but for most of the IRC community, they fear what will become of the UnrealIRCd project.

Stskeeps wasn’t around to make any statements based on the many questions users are asking, but those of you who are interested should keep up with the website and forums. In a final message from Syzop, “Various people have jumped in to help with coding after my request last month, so I don’t think the existence of Unreal will be in any danger”. I guess only time will tell, but for those of you wishing all the best to Unreal and Syzop, all you can do now is pray, or help.

Article by Bricker

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