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Oslo* server Duo Delinks from Undernet

The 31st of May the Oslo* server duo from Undernet will be delinked. They served the Undernet community for many years, and its staff was active in different help related channels, with #nastrand being well known.

IRC-Junkie had a short interview with one of the admins of the server duo, Bjoern. Bjoern Vik, living in Oslo Norway, has been working in the IP business for about a decade and became involved with Undernet in 2002.

“I used to manage a support center within the dial-up business for Internet and I saw that a lot of the employees there used IRC to communicate among themselves and in general” Bjoern starts to explain his involvement with IRC. “This was back in 1997 and i joined in as well. Main focus at first was to use IRC for the fun of it and the choice of was more that the ones I knew where there. Later the use of IRC was more work related in that I was involved with organizations that had offices around the world and we where working on setup’s that was very “beta”. I found that a lot of know-how could be found around on IRC channels and people where more than willing to share knowledge”.

Bjoern have been hosting several servers spread over several IRC networks, both large and smaller networks. Bjoerns’ Undernet involvement came when the other admin Mr_Jobe called him and asked if he could help hosting a server. “[I] pulled some strings and we made it all happen”.

After a while the duo thought a second server could help take off some load from the first, and help Undernet as a whole as well, and the server-duo was born.

A change in contract with the current sponsor and change of interests of the admin team have led to the decision of delinking the duo. “Change of focus from their side and also the admin team of oslo* have come to a conclusion that we have spent a lot of time making this as best we can for the users and now no longer have what it takes to keep it up like we want” Bjoern explained to IRC-Junkie.

Will Bjoern and the others disappear completely from IRC and/or Undernet? “I have one more server on a small network where I still stay and I am sure I will pass by now and then also on Undernet”.

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