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UnrealIRCd Makes a Drastic Change

UnrealIRCd has decided to make a drastic change in it’s project. They decided to, instead of writing a new Unreal4 in C++ Aspects, to instead fork InspIRCd; a completely modular IRCd that has been gaining interests over the years. This change is due in large because of Syzop going inactive (Article) and their only being one head developer (Stskeeps) left to run the projects.

UnrealIRCd has decided the following with their projects. To produce 3.2.* a bit further, scrap Unreal3.3* (for now) and to keep the main focus on Unreal4, which they feel will be a big hit in the IRC community. “The goals for that project currently is to produce a 3.2.8, which may be the last in that branch – we have practically given up on trying to improve further on the basic things of the IRCd” explains Stskeeps. “The existing 3.3.* code will be turned into a 3.2.8 instead“. But don’t worry, Unreal still plans on releasing bug & security fixes for Unreal3, because they couldn’t expect everyone to just halt their networks.

I went on to ask Stskeeps what other reasons they decided to fork InspIRCd, and the response is in conjunction with Syzop leaving. “In the light that we simply don’t have the manpower to start something properly from scratch and complete it – and the Unreal3.* branch going towards a slow halt / brick wall which we cannot pass, we have decided to do a radical change in strategies.” Stskeeps goes on explaining, “For years now InspIRCd has been a recode in C++ of IRCd, targetting modularity and “fresh” code – and this IRCd has many facets that are alike UnrealIRCd, so through some talks, we have decided to fork InspIRCd for Unreal4 – creating a user experience that uses InspIRCd inside, but feels to client/admin as an UnrealIRCd.”

A lot of people may be thinking, “Is this a way to take down InspIRCd?” No, quite the opposite. “This is not a unfriendly fork or us trying to steal InspIRCd’s sunshine – we are working together with InspIRCd to cover the entire IRCd feature spectre, so people can run InspIRCd bare, or colourful (Unreal)” explains Stskeeps.

Also, UnrealIRCd has given InspIRCd proper credit for the fork, to ensure that it’s a friendly fork. In their /Credits, for Unreal4, users will see:

* Based on the original code by the InspIRCd development team

* (C) 2002-2007 InspIRCd Development Team

* –

Which is what the InspIRCd team members wanted, and Unreal was more then happy to provide.

So, as UnrealIRCd focuses on it’s new projects, and it’s old ones, I’m sure we can all expect the IRC community to change drastically, and, for the best.

A few side notes for those running InspIRCd and/or UnrealIRCd. Unreal4 will be able to link to InspIRCd if they’re running the same modules. The idea is to make them compatible incase either of the projects do end up dying. Also, you can take modules from either party to the IRCd they want. UnrealIRCd is also planning on being able to line Unreal3* and Unreal4* which, if they work it out, will be able to link to InspIRCd.

Article written by Bricker

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