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Hacker Close to Cracking iPhone

Hackers united in #iphone are close to cracking the iPhone, several media reported this week.

Once cracked, the phone can be used with different providers, and third party software can be used on the phone. Additionally, the phone can then be used in parts of the world where it is not released yet, such as Europe and Asia.

Jon Lech Johansen, well known as DVD Jon, was one of the first to release a hack for the iPhone. The hack would activate the phone and the Wi-Fi capabilities. The device can not yet operate as a telephone with this hack however, but Jon has an answer to that on his blog, “Stay tuned!”

Hackers from #iphone are now working on an assembler utility for the iPhone’s processor. “This is our last major hurdle to overcome in order to write programs for the phone,” a spokesman of the hackers said last week.

When they can run their own programs on the iPhone they will be able to circumvent the provider lock, which is AT&T’s EDGE network.

Others hacks released so far include one that will allow users to select their own ringtone.

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