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Syzop Returns as Unreal3* Maintainer

On the 13th of May IRC-Junkie reported that Syzop had to retire as maintainer on the UnrealIRCd team because of RSI injury to his wrists.

“And I’m back! I was forced to go inactive 4 months ago due to a severe wrist issue. Now, after surgery and 3 months of recovery, I’m starting to get back on track again and I’ve resumed my position as Unreal3* maintainer in the UnrealIRCd team”, Syzop announced on the UnrealIRCd website.

“I’m currently at ~33% of my normal capacity,” Syzop said to IRC-Junkie, “but recovery is going steady and am rarely experiencing any pain now. Still, got to be very careful with how long I work, and stress levels.” He also has to do exercises to strengthen and stretch the muscles.

Syzop resumed his work as maintainer on the UnrealIRCd 3.* branch. “I’m personally not involved with Unreal4 at the moment, I’m only maintaining Unreal3, since I don’t want to stress my wrist too much.” Syzop sees the 3.* branch to be of importance for quite some time to come, so he focuses on this branch instead. “I also want to personally ensure that Unreal3 will be maintained long enough so nobody is rushed to Unreal4, hence also my statement on my own site saying I’ll support it in some shape or form until somewhere in 2009.”

“There are numerous changes to be done to Unreal4 to make it an Unreal product, some major.. many minor. And, of course, a lot of (stress)testing. I believe some good progress has been made during the summer vacation, but there’s still a lot left to do, and now the vacation is over progress is slower (as expected),” Syzop ends.

Thanks to DragonFlu who spotted this!

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