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Undernet Celebrates its 15th Birthday

In October 1992 Danny “WildThang” Mitchell, Donald “WHIZZARD” Lambert, and Laurent “_dl” modified the EFnet irc2.7 IRC deamon and started an experimental network that became known as the Undernet IRC network. This month it will celebrates its 15th anniversary.

Today Undernet still is one of the largest IRC networks where on average 120k users are online.

More information on Undernet’s history can be found on this User-Com page.

Undernet’s User-Com is planning an event of which details are not yet known.

There is also a group of users who are independently from Undernet organizing an event which will take place the 25th of November in #undernet15.

IRC-Junkie spoke to one of the organizers of this party, Huggins. “We will also hold a “memorial” During the event also,” Huggins starts, “which will consist of paying tribute to “lost but not forgotton people”, such as JwPara, c00kie, Jail, Kevbo, etc. Also we will give the users who attend a chance to pay tribute to other “users” they’ve known that have passed away, so the Event isnt official, but all users can participate, as it’s a “Fun” Event at the same time also.”

This event also features a website which is not yet available at

edit 7th Nov: A User-Com admin who wishes to remain anonymous told IRC-Junkie that currently no official event is planned to celebrate the event.

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