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McAfee: Botnets Threatens National Security

Remarkable news released by researchers from McAfee this week. Baylor and Brown, researchers at McAfee warn that the national security of multiple countries are threatened by the existence of botnets.

“A botnet of one million bots, with a conservative 128 Kbps broadband upload speed per infected bot, can wield a powerful 128 gigabits of traffic,” the whitepaper reported. “This is enough to take most of the Fortune 500 companies (and several countries) offline using DDoS attacks. If several large botnets are allowed to join together, they could threaten the national infrastructure of most countries.”

In the whitepaper, McAfee suggests that intrusion prevention systems (IPS) are the best way to prevent PC’s becoming part of a botnet.

Allysa Myers from McAfee’s Avert Labs believes a radical change in security strategy is necessary, such as only allowing known traffic to prevent all malicious traffic that can include attacks to overtake PC’s.

“Things are looking fairly grim as the rise in the number of variants of IRC bots has grown by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. Strictly using string-based detection against the unending tide certainly appears to be a lost cause,” Myers said.

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