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AbleNET Renews its Website

“We recently released our brand new network website, AbleNET’s Anthony said to IRC-Junkie. “It mixes social networking with IRC to merge the two ideas together.”

Other changes include a new blog section (“we were the first network to institute one 4 years ago”), image galleries, community groups, forums, games, a quote database, friends tracking and IRC integration with the website.

“We’re really proud of it and it is very advanced and unique when compared to other IRC network websites,” Anthony continues. “This is part of our bounceback from the ISP problems were were having a couple months ago and is a result of almost a year’s worth of labor.”

AbleNET was one of the IRC networks which DNS got hijacked by major US ISP’s in an attempt to stop botnets from functioning. The move, of which the effectiveness is highly debatable, sparked a major discussion. IRC-Junkie reported about it in July 2007.

“IRC always has a dark connotation to some people,” Anthony continues. “We want to give the perception that IRC, in general, is just as relevant as the AOLs, Facebooks, MySpaces and MSNs of the world and not some ‘scary’ place that the dregs of the Internet hang out on.  IRC, with AbleNET, is something you can tie into your Internet habits and use communicate with all of your friends and now we believe it has become much easier.”

Hallelujah for that.

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