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All about Internet Relay Chat Down Due to Hardware Failure

The regulars of this website are probably also regulars of, another old-timer when it comes to IRC websites. And if you are indeed so, you might probably also have noticed that has been down for a while already.

IRC-Junkie got in contact with the admin of magic. “We had a HD crash, I managed to recover the files but not the database, and it happened the evening before I left for xmas vacation” magic explains.

The team is working hard to get the website back up, but it is already known that a large chunk of data will be lost. “Last backup i managed to save was from feb. The daily backups was unfortunately saved on same HD and that part of the HD was unreadable”, magic explains.

Magic ensures the team is working hard to get the site back up and functional. “I hope to have up in a few days, i just have lots of other things to do during xmas.”

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