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IRC.EFNet.CH Supports IPv6

Another EFNet server adds supports IPv6.

Recently IRC.EFNet.CH added support for the IPv6 protocol. IRC-Junkie asked IRC EFNet.CH admin Taliz for how long IPv6 has been supported on EFNet. “Ratbox is an early fork of Hybrid 7 and, if I recall correctly, has always supported IPv6. Hybrid 7 has supported IPv6 since it was released back in 2003(there were however a lot of Betas & RC’s supporting IPv6 as well, which ratbox built on, dating back to 2001).”

“Some of the first servers supporting IPv6 on EFnet were &, they linked around 2001. Nowadays Qeast is gone, but IPv6 is enabled on as well as a multitude of other servers like,,,, &” These servers can be found in the IPv6 round robin at

One of the old concerns with IPv6 was that maliscious users could have access to an unlimited range of addresses for floodbots. “CIDR limits are used to control IPv4 as well as IPv6 classes,” Taliz explains. “You can for example limit /64′s to 5 connections, effectively preventing mass cloning.”

IPv4 remains by far the most popular protocol in use. “I would estimate that there are less than, or around, 2000 IPv6 clients on EFnet regularly,” Taliz ends.

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