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KVIrc 3.4.0 Released

“After a long time with development snapshots only (due to lack of importance given to producing a release tagged as stable), KVIrc has just released version 3.4″, user Elephantman tipped IRC-Junkie.

“This one took a very long time but, well, finally it’s here” the KVIrc development team announced on their homepage.

Some of the changed highlighted on the announcement:

* improved themeing support

* better desktop integration

* nicer support for many different IRC servers

* a totally revised option layout

* basic support for script “addons”

* improved help subsystem

* new nice statusbar applets

* improved scripting engine

* improved windows and macosx support

“There is also a lot of small new details that you will find out by yourself while playing around and finally we obviously also have a huge number of bugfixes.”

This release also marks the final build using QT3. Next the team will focus on developing a release that is entirely built upon QT4. “This release actually contains a preliminary Qt4 support and if you feel brave you might test it by passing the “hidden” –enable-qt switch to configure”, the website explained.

KVIrc is released under the GNU license and can be downloaded as source, Windows, *Nix and MacOSX.

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