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QuakeNet Overhauls Q

The QuakeNet IRC network did a major overhaul of its major channel service Q.

“As many of you have noticed we’ve just upgraded our main channel service, Q, to a new version,” meeb announced on the QuakeNet website.

The upgrade consists of a complete rewrite of the bot and includes all old functionality and adds some new ones. Channels who previously used L have been upgraded to the new Q as well.

Bot response messages to commands have been changed. IRC-Junkie tried to ask QuakeNet whether problems have risen with scripts depending on these messages but we have had no reply.

New functionality includes channel statistics, channel- user- and personal-flags, new give owner command and lots more which can be found described in detail here

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  • Anders says:

    Looks like it’s not open source, which is unfortunate. The code to their old services was available, although the Q and O sources are kind of dated now.

    October 29, 2008 at 1:10 pm

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