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EFnet Enables SSL Connections

“EFnet has recently enabled SSL connections on a select few servers,” EFnet admin Taliz wrote to IRC-Junkie. “, and are allowing SSL clients to connect on ports 9999, 7000, 7001 and 6697.”

The developers of the Ratbox IRCd added it to the code after continuous requests. “The option to support SSL connections is part of ratbox 3, which is currently in beta stage. Hence only a few servers support it yet, namely, & However is running a special solution also accepting SSL, using the older ratbox 2. Also and are running separate ircds for the SSL clients, to not disrupt regular clients while bugfixing etc.”

According to Taliz, around 200 clients are using the feature right now, but its growing as the word is spreading around.

Finally, Taliz ends with a small warning. “Until ratbox 3 goes “stable”, you may expect more frequent restarts due to bugs being worked out.”

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