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Stskeeps quits developing for UnrealIRCd

In an announcement on the IRCd’s website, Stskeeps posts his “resignation letter”:

“So, after a long wait, I’ve decided to pull out of the UnrealIRCd project – which I started back in 1999. My reasons for this is that IRC has reached a point where it’s growing increasingly difficult to do anything remotely inventive, restricted by the lack of cooperation in the IRCd community and amongst networks & clients, and lack of people interested in helping out with doing the actual code. And when it’s not possible to do anything inventive, it just isn’t exciting anymore, and it’s a drag to code on.”

After Stskeeps pulling out and Syzop being forced to go inactive again, there are two people left developing for a 3.2.8 version of the popular IRCd. Stskeeps says that he wishes them “the best of luck” and that it would have been “selfish of me to shut down the project when there’s still people active within it, so this isn’t a shut down notice, but I’ve decided I don’t have time for maintaining the project anymore, contribute to, or participate in it. So the fate of the project is in their hands now.”

Being asked about Unreal4, a fork of InspIRCd, Stskeeps replies that it is “completely dead” and very probably not going to see the light of the day. But not all hope is lost for the future of UnrealIRCd, there’s a 3.3 branch still in development which is a rewrite of the existing codebase.

Closing his posting he writes: “I would like to thank the people that have helped out with contributions both code, support, donations, infrastructure and time through these many years. A testament to this would be , which illustrates how strong Unreal still is, even with inactive development for quite a while. And the fact that Unreal started out with being a fringe IRCd noone really used, to being the most used IRCd on the internet.

For myself, I’m no longer going to answer support questions with regards to UnrealIRCd, or hang out at the channels anymore. I’ll be on freenode if any of those who know me personally would like to hang out still.”

Thanks to Stskeeps and nate for letting me bug you & all the best for the future both to you and Unreal.

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  • Quension says:

    That’s unfortunate, but I understand how he feels. IRC evolution has always been driven by personal interest, and when that wanes or is dampened there’s just no motivation to continue. It sounds as though he’s found a new hobby to put creative effort into though, which is always a good thing.

    From a fellow coder, thank you to Stskeeps for spending so many years improving IRC and making it more interesting, and best wishes on future endeavors to both Stskeeps and the remaining UnrealIRCd developers.

    December 10, 2008 at 7:46 am
  • Syzop says:

    Just to let you know: I’ll still be releasing an Unreal3.2.8 (with help from others, naturally), possibly still this year. But after that… I don’t know, I definately won’t become an active developer again, that’s for sure…

    December 10, 2008 at 5:22 pm

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