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ircd-ratbox 3.0.1 released

Yesterday, the ircd-ratbox project announced the release of their latest testing version of their IRCd.

Now being available as version 3.0.1, it still clearly is labeled as an early release and better not being used in a production environment.

NOTE: Whilst every effort has been made to make sure this code is usable, it
is still not classified as a stable release.  You assume full
responsibility for running this on a production network.

The  changelog is rather short but there seem to be a few big changes included like reenabling SSL and ziplinks

- call rb_helper_close on bandb errors to kill off old bandb processes
- report correct files/line numbers for spoof warnings
- sid in the serverinfo struct should be 4 bytes, not 3
- rebuild the included ircd_lexer.c
- fix ports and /dev/poll on solaris
- report libratbox version on -version and /info
- libratbox version info includes ssl info
- fix installing when using install-sh
- reenable ziplinks + ssl
- fix a gnutls related core dump
- add support for a serverinfo::bandb setting for the ban database
- report adding throttles when an oper is set umode +r
- report throttle stats in /stats T

The download is available from here.

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