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Unreal 3.2.8-rc2 has been released

A little less than 4 weeks after the -rc1 release, there now is a -rc2 release of UnrealIRCd 3.2.8 available where some of the still present bugs have been fixed.

Fixes in this release include a bug that prevented you from compiling the IRCd on Mac OS X , problems with OperOverride that prevented you from -q/-a’ing someone when you were halfop, an issue with SuSE Linux 10.3 on AMD64 arch where the IRCd core-dumped on start, prevention of throttling client connections and stalling the IRCd when there are big adjustments made to the systems time after starting the IRCd and, last but not least, the documentation has been updated to reflect the latest additions and changes.

The full announcement and changelog can be found here and downloads are available from here.

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