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Anope switches their Support Network to InspIRCd

Following the announcement of InspIRCd 1.2-rc1, the Anope project wrote a news article on their homepage, stating that they have switched IRCds on their support network.

They’re now using InspIRCd 1.2 and a development version from the new 1.9.0 series of their services package. Stating reasons for this move, away from stable to potentially unstable development versions of both programs, chaz says that they “chose InspIRCd as it’s a well maintained, highly motivated and definitely innovative product and we (Anope) should be the forefront of the technology for the sake of our users”.

“We decided also to make the move from Anope 1.8 to 1.9 for a few reasons, namely to put our money where our mouth is and start to push the game forward by showing it’s developing fast and taking strides forward. We also wanted to be able to have users experience it for themselves without the need for a testnet or taking the plunge until their ready” chaz continues to explain the motives behind the move and says that they thought “that if we use Anope 1.9 with InspIRCd we’d be helping both teams find/fix bugs as we are all in the same game at the end of the day; to provide reliable, and feature packed IRC ‘Services’ to administrators & users alike”.

He explicitly mentions that there is no “political motive to our move” but that they “merely want to further the compatibility efforts with InspIRCd” because “of the Unreal project forking InspIRCd for their next major version” they figured that they “might aswell get in on the ground with InspIRCd”.

Closing the announcement, chaz writes that they’re “aiming for a release of Anope 1.9.0 as the first milestone in the development since it started it’s development over on C++” and that they’d like “everyone to get involved with us in testing and suggesting new features on the forum here and reporting any bugs to us on the Bugtracker here“.

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