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InspIRCd releases 1.2rc1 "Sirloin"

Today the InspIRCd project announced the availability of 1.2rc1 of their IRCd, named “Sirloin”.

Developer w00t writes in the newspost that “after a slightly longer development cycle than normal, we are proud as punch to announce that 1.2 has finally hit RC stage”. They consider this release “essentially feature-complete, and that relatively, the number of bugs is lower than in beta phase” but also note that “it’s not a final release yet, so you may still encounter some rough edges or bugs, we do ask that you report those to us on our bugtracker, so they may be addressed!”.

He also likes “to give a big thanks to all the people that have helped and supported us over the past few years with getting to this point – it has been a huge undertaking, and there have been good and bad times for all, but it’s finally paying off we feel.”

“In particular, I’d like to thank our QA, docs, and testers for the stellar work they have put in, it has been a huge difference from the days of old where we did everything ourselves, and one that I feel is much more enjoyable for all involved.” w00t adds.

The major bugfixes in this release, which according to them is “primarily a fix-based release from 1.2b4″, contain the following items:

  • Minor memory leak
  • Expire XLines when accessed, not just when matched, to prevent a large buildup of stale XLines
  • Allow +l 0 (for use with things like +PlL #newchan)
  • Fix poll socket engine to work correctly
  • Fix undefined memory read on /stats :
  • kqueue fixes
  • Don’t allow bad censor configurations to result in an infinite loop
  • STARTTLS fixes
  • Change numeric for +L to be easier to parse (and more standardised: freenode and others use this)
  • Fix autoconnects triggering at the wrong time
  • Numerous docs typos and updates
  • Small security hole where /oper allowed /oper login <hash> to oper up
  • Allow binding to all IPv4 IPs easily on an IPv6 compile
  • Disallow silly messageflood parameters
  • And more!

But, besides aforementioned bugfixes, this new version sports new features too – for one, a GUI for the Windows version of the IRCd. You now can, as you could with version 1.1, have the IRCd running in the background without the need to have the GUI part running. Additionally, you now can make the IRCd a system service on Windows 2000 and above. According to the entry in the Wiki the GUI provides not “just the usual stop, start, rehash and shut down commands you’d expect, the GUI now features fully fledged statistics, performance and attack monitoring, and other features usually only found in commercial IRC software such as IRCXPro and ConferenceRoom.”

Closing his announcement he writes that they “would like to encourage smaller networks who are more concerned with new toys than stability to take the time to evaluate 1.2″ and mentions that this new version “is now in operation on a number of smaller networks, and so far, signs are encouraging”. He also says that “no major problems have been reported for a while, which is also a good thing” but to “keep in mind that it is *still* not a finished product”.

InspIRCd 1.2rc1+Sirloin can be downloaded from here and this is the link to the full changelog.

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