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phpDenora version 1.4.0 is out

The Denora project releases 1.4.0 of phpDenora which is according to Hal9000 mainly a bugfix release “with some changes to the core like utf-8 support”.

Now if you are wondering why there is nothing really new to see in this release, the explanation simply is that phpDenora2 is on the way and it would be a waste of time to dedicate any energy in making substantial changes to phpDenora 1.x. And fear not, an alpha preview release will be available sometime next month.

The changes that have been introduced “require Denora 1.4 and PHP 5.2.” and Hal9000 urges to “read the new System Requirements and the upgrade instructions carefully on the download page.”

Also the website has been revamped and is worth a look :)

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