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DMDIrc releases 0.6.3m1

The DMDIrc development team releases a new milestone, version 0.6.3m1 of the JAVA IRC client.

After nearly a year, we have just released DMDirc 0.6.3m1, with over 1000 commits resulting in over 200 feature additions, bug fixes and other changes

Developer Shane lists the below most notable fixes and additions in their blogpost:

  • A redesign of the preferences dialog
  • Improved support for SSL certficates (both client and server)
  • Support for SOCKS proxies
  • Ability to automatically restart the client after installing updates
  • Ability for plugins to specify ’services’ that they provide/require.
  • Ability for plugins to export (share) methods with each other
  • Improved MDI support
  • A more robust DCC plugin
  • Moving of the UI to a plugin, allowing for it to be updated separately from the main client

Users of DMDIrc should be notified of this update automatically “in the coming days” by the automatic updater.

The download can be grabbed from their download page.

Thanks go to Shane for the tip!

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