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Anope network services are updated to 1.9.1-p1

The Anope project released a new version of their services package today.

The network services from the development branch are now at version 1.9.1-p1.

Developer Adam notes that “this release includes a number of bug fixes that were found in 1.9.1, so users of the development branch are encouraged to update.”

The changes included in this release are the following:

F Remove modules_unload_all fini + hack that goes with it.
F Signal handling cleanup.
A Seamless fantasy support on all ChanServ commands, instead of requiring bs_fantasy_*.
F Allow fantasy to be disabled on some commands (e.g. FORBID).
F Some commands (e.g. !help) need to strip the pre-provided channelname from them.
D HelpServ removed
F Command parser cleanup: mod_current_buffer removed and replaced with proper parser. Commands now indicate how they want the buffer split.
F Make NS ENFORCE/RELEASE stuff more sane, redo timers.
A Opertypes (similar to InspIRCd’s opertypes)
F Support operoverride and such things (stop reversing changes from nonopped people where unnecessary)
(F=Fixed A=Added D=Deleted)

The download can be found here (md5sums: 3ebb8b958e9c99c40c3c7f37b5c1f4f9 anope-1.9.1-p1-source.tar.gz and ab3cb50bcd896ed8ae730b1e45d78419 anope-1.9.1-p1.exe)

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